“Happy Snaps” – 2018 Australia Day Demo

What a fantastic crew!
“Potsie” (Euan) in full swing on the saxophone giving the Delltones (Ken, Les, Len, Bill) some real backing music entertainment!

The boys are having fun at Arnold’s Diner.

Sounds great guys! Perfect harmonies!
Play time in “Rockin On The Beach”

WOW, look at those fingers go! Jerry Lee (Len) giving his all in “Good Golly Miss Molly”

Versatile “Potsie” (Euan) now backing up “Connie Francis (Ruth)

Rockin’ On The Beach with audience participation!
Girls having more fun with the audience.
Action everywhere, everyone’s having fun!

Who’s that Spy (Tony) behind the clock??? But wait, there’s the Secret Agent (Noel) coming up behind him at the back of the car to save the day!!

“Grease Lightning” in full action across the whole stage!

Meeting at Arnold’s Diner “Ritchie” (Gary), “Al” (Les) & “Fonz” (Bill)

Time for a VACATION

Oh, Oh… Secret Agent Man is in trouble!
Secret Agent Man’s nemesis (Caitlin)


Gorgeous “Connie Francis” (Ruth)

“The Fonz” (Bill) makes an entrance.

Tess doing Arnold’s hard work!

Go Grease Lightning!

Who’s that evil spy we can see lurking there? Is that you Tony?

Euan & Les in battle!
LOOK OUT for the flying beach balls!

The “Andrew Sisters” (Maree, Ruth, Anne) in full swing!

The Secret Agent man (Noel) triumphs!

Take a bow “Jerry Lee” (Len)

The finale’

The end of another great day’s entertainment for the Australia Day Audiences!