President’s Report

 juke15       May 2019

Well, the days are getting shorter and the nights colder, but the Rockin’ 50’s just keep rolling along. April was quite a busy month with a few great events happening to keep our rock and roll appetites satisfied.

We had a weekend “festival” at Horsham, a great night at the Bendigo Club with Slapback Jack and the Magic 8 Balls and Seymour’s 25th anniversary dance at the Broadford Town Hall. Also of course we had our own intermediate dance classes happening as well. So all in all, a busy (and very pleasant) month.

Quite a few of us made the trek up to Horsham for their weekend festival, and, while every trip away in the caravans with fellow club members is always very pleasant, I must admit to being a little disappointed. The bands certainly sounded promising (Ross and the Wild Boys on Friday night and The Lincolns on Saturday night) but a couple of unfortunate mishaps appeared, to me at least, to take the shine off what otherwise would have been a cracker weekend.

On Friday night Ross and The Wild Boys had trouble early with their equipment (it appeared to be a crook amplifier) and after connecting to another the sound didn’t appear right. Maybe the fact that they were using the hall speaker system didn’t help matters. I’m sure that with their own equipment they would have sounded great.

On Saturday night the Lincolns came out and sounded fantastic. They played for a total of only 1 hour and 20 mins with a couple of DJ breaks in between and after that (the prime part of the evening) the Horsham people had their special guest artist play for what seemed to me to be an eternity. Apparently the band did come back on for a short set after we left. Now, this is only my opinion, and I hope it’s taken as a bit of constructive criticism, but I think the material the guest artist played was probably the wrong mix for a rock and roll dance and I think he should have been used in a couple of breaks instead of the DJ. The Lincolns are too good a band to have sitting around in the prime part of the evening. The Horsham club is only a small one and they must still be congratulated for their organisation of the weekend festival. We thank them for their hospitality and overall we had a great weekend away with our caravanning friends.

On Friday 26th we went along to the Bendigo Club and danced the night away to Slapback Jack and the Magic 8 Balls and I think all who attended had a great night.

On Saturday 27th, quite a few members make the treacherous trip down to Broadford for the Seymour clubs 25th Anniversary dance. Unfortunately Julie and I couldn’t make it, but I hear that it was a great night. The Band (Jump’N’Jive) were by all reports, great! I hear that the supper was superb, which is pretty much the norm for the Seymour people and apparently the cost of entry was VERY reasonable. All in all, a great night had by all!

Our intermediate classes went off extremely well and our next set of basics have begun. I think we were all pleasantly surprised and to see such a huge turn up for the first week. Probably the biggest class we’ve had for quite a while. Many thanks to Gary and Marg for taking the first week of the advanced class while I was still out of action and thanks also to Bill and Maree for taking the current basic classes.

Coming up this month of course we have Bill and Maree’s induction to the VRRDA “Hall of Fame” on May 18th, and of course on May 25th our birthday dance at Marong. The theme is “Gatsby” so get your favourite 1920’s, 30’s gear on and come along and have some fun!

Keep On Rockin’



jukebox1April 2019

Greetings Rockers

Another month gone and winter is fast approaching.  Enjoy the warm weather while you can, because I think when the cold weather comes, it’ll come with a vengeance. The main event in the month just gone was, of course, our Easter dance, and what a rip snorter it was. If you missed it, you missed a beauty. The hall looked good as usual and the band was exceptional! The Fender Benders would have to be one of the best 3 piece bands I have seen. The sound was great, and the band as a whole were very professional. From A DJ’s point of view, they were excellent. Some bands are a bit lax and the DJ has to play more songs than he’s allowed for and that can be a little testing at times. However I was very happy to note that the band was back as soon as their 20min break was up and that makes things a lot easier for DJ’s. Especially hack ones like ours!!

Another great feature of the dance was without doubt the raffle. I would have to say that the Rockin’ 50’s do, without a doubt, have the best raffles. Now you may think I’m a bit biased, but I’m not. I’m VERY biased!!

Many thanks to ALL those who helped in any and every way with the raffle. Those who donated, sold tickets, bought tickets, organised the donations into the various prizes etc. A lot of unseen work goes into our raffles and those who put in the time and effort can be assured that their valuable contribution is very much appreciated. Many thanks also to our new ticket officer who in her first test, came through with flying colours. Presidential material in the making!  All in all, a fantastic effort by all concerned made for a great night!

Dance classes are progressing well, and as I write this we are heading into the 4th week of our intermediate classes.

Many thanks to Gary and Marg for taking the first week as I was temporarily indisposed. Hopefully good from here on. We still need club members to come along as we do get a lot of singles and it’s always nice to be able to supply partners. Not to mention that it’s a good social catch up as well!

Keep On Rockin’



juke15 March 2019

Greetings Rockers

Well, time waits for no-one and here we are in Autumn already. It’s been a long hot summer and we are well back into the swing of things.

Our first set of basic dance classes are well under way and the turn up has been quite good so far. Many thanks to Gary and Marg for doing the instructing and many thanks to Club members who have turned up each night.

We constantly need helpers for those who turn up without a partner so it is always appreciated when members help out in that regard.

Newer members who may have just recently done classes themselves often think they are not good enough to partner beginners, however it is a good way of getting a bit of a refresher and certainly helps hone your skills.

We fully understand that some people can’t help in that regard for a variety of reasons, but just turning up on the night and welcoming people or having a social chat makes everything so much better for our club. Keep up the good work.

The intermediate lessons will start right after the basics have finished and we may look at having a trivia night after they have finished. Of course that depends on members’ wishes and also on how many turn up on the night. Please let a committee member know if you are interested. It’s always good if we can plan some sort of activity on our “social” nights.

Julie and I were lucky enough to see the “Straight 8’s” on Friday 15th Feb (I think that was the date), courtesy of an invitation to a 60th birthday of a friend of Tracie And Darren’s. Very interesting night.  It was in a small pool hall somewhere in Melbourne. (Can’t remember exactly where). The hall itself was not the most acoustically perfect building but the band… well they still have it! All in all a great night. Many thanks to Darren and Tracie who also ferried us down and back!

Of course, coming up on the 23rd of this month is our first dance of the year, so get your tickets early. Remember, Trish is our ticket officer this year, so see her for your ticket.

It should be a great night with “Fender Benders” providing the entertainment.

As usual we will be setting up on the Saturday morning and many hands make light work (which is why it takes ten electricians to replace a light globe!) so if you can help to set up and/or pack up, it will be greatly appreciated.

Keep On Rockin,



flag wave_australia   February 2019

Greetings Rockers

Firstly, Welcome back to all members. I trust everybody had a great Xmas/New Year break. Let’s hope that 2019 is a great year for all concerned and a great year for the Rockin’ 50’s.

The New Year started off with some members attending the Bendigo Club to see Slapback Jack & the Magic 8Balls, while others went to The RSL to see Miss Kitty & the Memphis Trio. I certainly hope everybody enjoyed their night wherever they were. As for Julie and I, we had our “normal” family get together at the beach. Unfortunately it was a bit of a flop. For the last few years we have been getting together at Apollo Bay and although it hasn’t been overly warm it was a good night with the entertainment on the beach and of course the odd drink or two. This New Year we decided we would try the other side of the bay and take the grandkids to the carnivals etc. It was a good theory but we soon found out that Rye council along with others along that side of the bay have an entertainment ban between Xmas and New Year. Can you believe it? Not even kids rides etc! Looks like Apollo Bay next year!

However, it’s back to normality now with our first general meeting done and dusted and dance lessons starting on Wednesday 6th February. By the time you read this, hopefully they will be in full swing. It’s timely that we ask members to come along and help out if possible as we are expecting a few singles to come along, especially if Australia Day was any indication.

As for our Australia Day, it was great. No major glitches and if reports from the public were any indication it was enjoyed by all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL those who helped in any way to make the day a success. Whether you danced or not, helped set up and /or pack up, handed out brochures, filmed the demos, took photos or whatever, you helped make our day a success.

I must admit that I was a bit nervous on the day, especially before our first demo, however, after the first run through, I was a lot more confident and the day went off pretty well. I don’t want to single anybody out because everybody who helped in any way did a great job, but I would just like to make mention of our demo newcomers. I think for their first effort they did a magnificent job! And what about our swamp man? I can’t decide whether the mask was an improvement or not, but he certainly scared the living daylights out of one poor kid! – Well done Tony!

Keep On Rockin,



Santa in HotRod December 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to my last report as President for 2018 before I take on the role as Vice President along with Ray Kelly for next year. I have to say I was looking forward to a break from official duties but they say a change is as good as a break so we will see.

I take this opportunity to welcome Les back to the President’s chair for his 8th time which is a great effort considering all the things Les has on his plate at the moment.

To our other committee members Gary, Sue and Gordon who were all happy to serve our club for yet another year it’s been a job well done and thank you. I’m sure we will all work together to make it another good year in 2019.

We have a new ticket officer for next year and we thank Trish Mutimer for taking on the job. Maree has put in an outstanding 8 years straight in the job and is looking forward to a break from official duties, well done Maree and thank you.

Our Christmas dance with “The Shane Magro Combo” was definitely one of our best. We sold 167 tickets and received many favourable comments on the band, the atmosphere, and the well decorated hall. Our raffle sales were outstanding as usual, thanks to member donations and the great presentation by Gary, Marg and Anne. Gorgeous Gear also added to the night and reported good sales for their efforts.

The surprise on the night for Maree and I came when we were asked if we would accept our nomination into the Victorian Rock n Roll Dance Association hall of fame. Well of cause we would, what an honour to be recognised  for our efforts as founding members of this wonderful club that’s changed a lot of people’s lives over the last 30 years. Thank you very much to everyone involved in putting forward the nomination.

New Year’s Eve we have a choice; Bendigo Club with Slap Back Jack or RSL both running good bands. At this stage most members are going for Miss Kitty & the Memphis Trio at the RSL. I see on Facebook that this is your last chance to see Miss Kitty as it’s her last show with the band.

Australia Day Show is up and running with our last official practice this Wednesday night. This is our last Wednesday night for the year so come along and have a bit of fun and maybe put your name down to join us for dinner and a drink at the National hotel after the show at Lake Weeroona on the 26th of January. Hopefully we will have a video of the day to watch.

We had 47 members and guests at our AGM and Christmas break up lunch. It was a great day with lots of yummy food and wonderful people. Thanks to those that arrived at 10.30 am for the AGM giving us your thoughts for next year and thanking our committee for their efforts.

We hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year and we will see you all on the dance floor in 2019.

Cheers Bill


jukebox1November 2018

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all out and about enjoying the warm weather we have been having lately.

We started our month off on the 6th October at the Bendigo RSL where around twenty members had a great night of free Rock n Roll by The Atomic Hi Tones. Cliff and the boys played great danceable music all night and as expected the only letdown was the small portable dance floor.

On October the 8th those that could went to the Capital to see a very good Bobby Darin tribute show. The man had a great voice but as it was a one man show there was no real band which was a bit disappointing.

On the 12th and 13th of October we joined Jailhouse Rockers for their festival with the Lincolns and Knock Knock Rattle. Both bands played great music with the local guys holding their own with the as usual very polished Lincolns.

On Sunday 14th October a group of us cruised out to the Marong pub to listen to Robyn and the Rancheros. What’s not to like about good food, a cold drink, free music and good company. Not having a dance floor wasn’t a big deal as most of us were danced out from the two nights before.

Next up 18th to the 21st was Camperdown Festival, Rock around the Clock. Six members attended and enjoyed twelve bands playing a variety of music over the four days. Most of the action could be seen free of charge in the main street Saturday and Sunday with a dance floor and stage where most of the bands played. There were free bands in two pubs, fashion, classic cars and heaps of stalls selling everything Rock n Roll along with top venues, entry $50. While reasonable numbers attended where were all the Central Vic Rockers??? Support these events folks or lose them.

We ended the month with our annual Marong Golf challenge and Inglewood collectables and Op shop cruise. Ten golfers took to the Royal Marong course and played eight plus holes with Colin Johnston top scoring, whilst ten took off to explore the shops. The weather was great and lunch at the Marong pub beer garden with band playing was a great finish to the day. A big thanks to all that attended.

Was anyone bored this October, I would think not, us Rockers know how to keep the good times going.

So what’s coming up this November?  Seymour Rockers have Fender Benders at Broadford on the 10th; we have members going over so try and join us for a fun night.

Along with social dancing Rockin’ 50’s will start to organise our legendary Australia day show at our  last four Wednesday nights at the club, so come along and be part of the fun and help to make it happen.

Our BIG CHRISTMAS DANCE will be Saturday the 1st December. Set up will be Friday night 7.30pm. Looking forward to hearing The Shane Magro Combo again they were brilliant at Camperdown. Please don’t forget donations for our Christmas dance raffle, bring along Wednesday nights if possible.

Last but not least our AGM and Christmas breakup lunch will be at the Roy Bateson Tennis centre Eaglehawk on the 9th December 2018. There are vacant committee positions so if you want to have your say on the future of the Rockin’ 50’s get your nomination in now.

Cheers Bill


 Rock'n 50's Web Site Disc Info 037October 2018

It gives me great pleasure to start this report by congratulating three of our members on reaching 30 years membership in the Rockin’ 50’s. Alan and Ann Claydon and Ruth Truscott all joined in October 1988 and have contributed greatly to the success of our club. Alan served as president 4 years, committee assist 2 years, newsletter editor 2 years and demo coordinator 3 years. Ann has been secretary 2 years, committee assist 1 year and newsletter editor 1 year and now both producing our dance tickets. Ruth has been newsletter editor 3 years and has played a starring role in many of our Australia day demos over the years. Well done to you all.

October is shaping up to be a very busy month with heaps of good entertainment on offer. Atomic Hi Tones will start the month with a free night at the Bendigo RSL. We have booked for 30 and I know a lot of others will attend so we can only hope that a decent dance floor will be made available.

The Jailhouse crew have their festival on the 12th to 14th with the Lincolns and Knock Knock Rattle which is a sell out and should be a great week end.

Sunday 14th is Robyn and the Rancheros free at the Marong Hotel, so far we have 10 booked for a 12 midday lunch and relax outside in the beer garden.

Thursday 18th October we will be at Camperdown for the Rock around the Clock festival with top bands Twang, Fender Benders, Shane Magro Combo, Rockin Tones, Rechords and 7 other bands from around Australia. The venues in Camperdown are real 50’s and with good dance floors inside and out and classic cars and markets it is sure to be a top 4 days for $50 each or $100 per family.

On Sunday 28th October what better way to finish the month than our annual 9 hole golf challenge at Royal Marong course or the alternate antiques and collectable run to Inglewood ending at the Marong Pub for a hearty lunch. We are running a list so get your name on it and have a bit of fun, meet 9.15am at the golf club.

A service was held on the 14th of September to farewell John Taylor.  John’s funeral was a true representation of his life with lots of family, friends, tow trucks, Ford cars and of course Rock n Roll. John joined Rockin’ 50’s in October 2004 and appeared in several Australia day demos dancing and displaying his beloved Ford cars. It was a life well lived but cut too short.

Don’t forget to come along Wednesday nights, check out the lists for coming events and put your names down if interested. Intermediate lessons commence on 10th October and males will be required to partner the learners please. If you know of anyone who wishes to learn, this is the last chance for 2018.

Cheers Bill


juke15  September 2018

Hi everyone, it was good to get back home and to see all of you lovely people again after our 2 months away. Thank you to all the members who braved the cold to turn up Wednesday nights to keep things ticking over while some of the committee hit the road in search of warmer places.

We found a lot of rock ‘n’ roll action in the clubs and pubs around Queensland and NSW as well as fulfilling one of our bucket list wishes by attending the annual Greazefest rockabilly festival in Brisbane. Over the years we have met a lot of Rockers from all over Australia and great festivals like Greazefest get them all in the one place. There were top musicians playing first class rockabilly rock n roll as well as heaps of classic cars and stores selling all things 50’s rock n roll, definitely one of the best run events in Australia.

One of the bands that had the crowd jumping on the dance floor was Victoria’s own Shane Magro Combo who we are happy to say is the band we have for our 1st of December Christmas dance. Tickets will be on sale soon for that so get in early and see our ticket officer Maree so you won’t miss out.

Camperdown rock around the clock festival is on again 18th to 21st Oct and looking at the band list it should be a good one with 12 bands featuring Twang QLD and Fuelers ACT. Ticket prices $50pp or $100 family for 4 days of top rock n roll. Have a look at the program on line @

Ballarat Beat is on the 7th to 10th Feb 2019 details to be announced. This is another good festival to write into your to do list. We have already lost good festivals like Shepparton because of lack of participation so make sure you support these if possible to keep the good times rolling.

The Jailhouse festival 14th to 16th October with the Lincolns and Knock Knock Rattle is sold out, Rockin’ 50’s have a table booked and payed for so looking forward to that.

For those that don’t want to travel there are also a few free events in town starting with The Magic Eight Balls at the Bendigo Club Friday night the 21st Sept. We have a table booked for Rockin’ 50’s with most having a meal on the night. The last time the 8 Balls played at the club was a great night so book early and don’t miss out. Next the RSL Bendigo has the Atomic Hi Tones on the 6th Oct where again it’s free and Rockin’ 50’s have a table booked and most are having a meal there.

We are also running a list for the 10th Nov Fender Benders at the Seymour dance in Broadford, we get good support from Seymour and it’s always a good dance. We can organise a bit of carpooling if required.

Thanks to vice president Ray and secretary Gary (whilst on the road) who put together our August newsletter when Maree and I were away.

Now for a grumble; this is feedback I get all the time and we know it’s true, we are a very tight circle of friends that get together on a Wednesday night to dance and have a chat which is great, but it’s very hard for new members to feel welcome if nobody includes them in the night. We have 85 members at the moment, where are they all you say? Well it’s anyone’s guess but one thing’s for sure if people aren’t made welcome they won’t be back and the whole club suffers. Most of what we do is aimed at getting new members who are enthusiastic and are looking for a good time. These are the people we hope will be future committee members etc which is something we lack at the moment. We are pretty good at attracting these people but history tells us we are not good at keeping them so please members try and turn this around by spending time with our new members and including them especially in the time that dance lessons are being run. If you have any thoughts on this or any other matter concerning your club you can contact me anytime within reason for a chat.

Cheers for now

President Bill


Rock'n 50's Web Site Disc Info 037   August 2018

It certainly has been very cold over the past couple of months. Some of our lucky members have been away enjoying the lovely sunshine and warmer weather up North, or enjoying other interesting holiday destinations.

While Bill, Maree, Gary & Marg have been away we have not been running our normal set of dance lessons and instead have been holding some very enjoyable social dancing every Wednesday night. I would very much like to thank Anne Williams for her great work in teaching us many new steps on these social nights.  Everyone attending has been thoroughly enjoying themselves, thank you very much Anne.

We had a great turn up of 22 members at the Bendigo Club dance on Friday night 20th July. The night featured “Who Was That Cat” and they had the dance floor full throughout the night. It was however disappointing that a number of people who had their names on the attendance list did not arrive. This was not only embarrassing for Rockin’ 50’s but also potentially prevented other members from attending. In future we will ask for contact phone numbers so that we can follow up if required.

We are a real great club and I would like to see all members supporting our weekly Wednesday nights and the Bendigo Club’s live band nights every 3rd Friday night.

Keep on dancing and see you all at some dances.

Vice President,  Ray Kelly


juke15  July 2018

Welcome to winter and boy hasn’t the chill set in, must be time for some of us to hitch up and head for the sun.

We must thank the Bendigo Club for giving us a fantastic free Friday night with the Magic Eight Balls. Darren, Dean and Pete sounded great and seem to have added a few more harmonies in their song list which is good. There weren’t too many empty seats in the lounge and it stayed that way till 11pm which was a good indicator of how well the band was playing. We must also thank the band for setting up off the dance floor and leaving more space for all of us dancers, well done guys.

On Tuesday 19th June eleven Rockin’ 50’s members put on another demo for the good folk at Bentleys aged care. When we arrived Louise had the lounge all set up and ready to go with lots of happy residence and staff waiting for us to kick off. The red car prop was set up and most of the show centred around it. We reproduced some of our Australia Day demo numbers with all the members in uniforms etc, I think it went over well with a total of 9 songs performed. Thanks to Bentleys we enjoyed afternoon tea and a chat with the good folk after the show.

Wednesday nights have been going well with all of our basic dance class people starting to look good on the dance floor. Thank you to the club members who made the effort to come along and help the learners without partners and to assist those that needed a bit of extra attention. We haven’t advertised any dance lessons for the next month or two but I believe intermediate classes are about to begin so check with the committee if interested and roll up Wednesday nights to help out if required.

Our month of entertainment finished up at the All Seasons with the Atomic Hi Tones. Cliff seems to have slowed down a bit which maybe suited some of our more senior members. It was a good night with a fair crowd and plenty of room on the dance floor.

Maree and I have been lucky enough to win the Monthly raffle and we weren’t even there to influence the draw. We are looking forward to getting stuck into the red wine etc. Don’t forget these great raffles create funds to help pay for the function room hire so make sure you grab a ticket on Wednesday nights.

To all our sickies I hope you are on the mend.

Cheers for now.

Pres Bill


jukebox1 June 2018

The cold is starting to creep in but we can’t complain too much after the ripper month of entertainment we have just had. The fun started on Friday 18th with free Midnight Blues band at the Bendigo club or Scotty Baker out at the Epsom Church raising funds for MND. On the 19th Jailhouse had The Magic 8 Balls at Crook St. I can’t really comment too much on these events as Maree and I were in Geelong for a very enjoyable family function.

The following weekend was the big dance celebrating 30 wonderful years since the formation of the Rockin 50’s Rock n Roll Club and what a great night it was. We were entertained by the one and only Itchy Figures Band who themselves have been around for 26 years. The guys were in top form and kept the dance floor moving all night with the help of the Phantom in the breaks.

Our awards started with the announcement of our club members of the year Louise Head and Anne Williams both very deserving winners who have put in a lot of effort over the past year to make sure that their fellow members all get a lot of entertainment and enjoyment out of their membership. It’s very rare that Louise and Anne are not at meetings and dance classes on Wednesday nights and always coming up with ways to better the Rockin 50’s.

Maree and I were very proud as founding members to receive our 30 year membership badges and we thank Gary for all his kind words. We have had a lot of great experiences and have made a lot of wonderful friends over those years with a lot more to come we hope. The awards were followed by the cutting of the birthday cake and then a great supper. The following break we had the Raffle which once again was a ripper thanks to a lot of work by Trish gathering all the prizes, Dustin who donated the great bird box and Gary, Marg and Anne who supplied more goodies and displayed them beautifully.  Thank you to all the members who contributed to the night, setting up, cleaning up, selling raffle tickets, manning the door, bringing all that yummy food, and all of the other tasks that need to be done to ensure a great night, well done everyone.

We finished off the month or should I say started June with a nice big Bonfire, a delivery of hot Pizzas and a group of 25 happy members at our place in the bush at Junortoun. The weather was kind and it was good to just sit around and chat with a drink or two.

And so it’s been a good month with only one big disappointment, even after putting out a call at the dance for male members to partner an expected turn up of 7 ladies without partners to our current dance classes we were well short. It was lucky that we had female members who helped out and got us out of trouble. Personally I enjoy meeting these people and helping them to learn the steps, it’s rewarding to see them having fun and looking good on the dance floor. Who knows they might join our club and be our next member of the year, it is also what our club does to raise the funds that pay for great free birthday dances for members so please help when you can.

We have several members at Cooly Rocks and we hope that they have a great time. We will be looking forward to hearing all about it when they return. It’s a bad time of the year for members getting crook with quite a few down with colds and flu. We also have members and friends with ailments that are a lot more serious and we wish them all a speedy recovery and hope to see them back in action soon.

Cheers for now

President Bill