President’s Report

  July 2021

Greetings Rockers All

Hope everyone is doing well. Covid has certainly controlled our activities of late and we don’t know if and when it’s going to improve. We can only hope that when the good weather returns, we will get back to a bit of normality.

It’s that time of year that some of us old grey nomads bid Victoria farewell and head to warmer climes. Unfortunately not even getting in the caravan and heading north is as easy as it used to be. Border passes, check points etc make life on the road just a little more difficult, something we may have to live with for a while yet.

Dance classes are obviously “off the agenda” for the time being and will probably not resume until the weather improves and we can all head back to the Bendigo Club and resume normal activities.

At our recent meeting, we discussed the possibility of those who are staying in Bendigo keeping the social aspect of the Rockin’ 50’s alive and well. Personally I think it’s a great idea. If members can get together for a social night (or afternoon) every now and again, it would help keep people informed and interested. It can be anything you desire, coffee, picture nights, even a walk in the park. Trish is happy to take note of any activities you may desire and possibly contact others. Read more in this newsletter!

Not much other news to tell so please keep safe and well and make the best of the current situation. Hopefully Julie and I will joining the exodus north (all depends on doctors reports, one down and two to go).

Cheers for now, Les.


jukebox1June 2021

Greetings Fellow Rockers

It’s June and winter is upon us. The weather is deteriorating and it’s about the time that us ageing grey nomads start migrating to the warmer parts of our great country.

But, ALAS, the dreaded Covid has done it again! Lockdowns seem to have an endless tenure in our great (albeit cold) state of Victoria and that means our plans are once again in disarray!

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our birthday dance for the time being and of course we’ve had to forego our June meeting and dance classes at least until restrictions (or the lack of) permit! It would be nice to at least finish the current set of dance classes before we recess for the colder months so we will keep members and our current learners posted on any new developments. The meetings are not a worry as we can fully update the members at future meetings on our return to normality.

Our dance will be ran at a later date, so we will keep you all updated on the proposed date etc. We have to take into account that some people who had hoped to attend our dance may be from areas that have Covid restrictions that are harsher than ours, so that may well affect the timing of any future plans.

Not a great deal else to say as things have been quiet as everyone is acutely aware, but I hope everyone is keeping well and finding plenty of things to keep you occupied during this awkward time. The odd phone call to friends, whether they are club members or not, or the occasional visit always helps to break the boredom. Stay well and keep safe and we will endeavour to catch up at our earliest permitted occasion.

Cheers for now, Les.


juke15 May 2021

Greetings Members,

What a great autumn it’s been thus far. Weather wise that is! The sun continues to shine and most days have been reasonably warm and sunny. However, fear not you winter lovers, I think the cold wet weather is slowly approaching, and this usually means one thing. Those of us who are retired will hopefully be heading North to warmer (and hopefully cyclone free) climes, and, with a bit of good fortune, some great Rock and Roll. Cooly Rocks and Greazefest are on the cards and, Covid permitting, we will be there!

However, before that happens, we have our own local event coming up on the 29th of May. That is of course our club birthday dance. We have “Slapback Jack and the Magic 8 Balls” as our band so it’s bound to be a great night. The theme for the night is “Black and White” so dress up and have some fun! Set Up at the Marong Hall will be at 10 o’clock on the Saturday morning, so if you could pop out and help out it would be much appreciated.

On the weekend of 30th April to 2nd May a few of us ventured over to Ballarat for the ‘Ballarat Rocks’ festival. The music was mainly confined to a couple of venues, The Civic Centre and the Mechanics institute and in general was of a pretty high standard. Louis King & The Liars Club, Kid James Trio, The Lincolns, Itchy Fingers to name a few. I thought the outdoor events were lacking somewhat with only 1 outdoor stage and a limited number of stalls for the ladies. However, we hear tell that this was due to a bit of “friction” within the local R & R community. We spoke to the organisers who assured us it will be better and bigger next year. In spite of that, I think it was still worth attending and a good chance to hitch up the van and have a good weekend away.

Hope to see you all at the birthday dance.

Cheers for now, Les


jukebox1April 2021

Greetings Rockers,

We’re well into Autumn and things are looking up. Covid restrictions are easing and things are slowly getting back to normal. Although I suspect we’ll be “covid normal” for a while yet. We’ve got the winter to get through and if we can get through that and get the vaccinations done (for those who want it), we’ll be well underway to normality.

We’ve had our first dance for quite a while and considering our restrictions on numbers etc, we did fairly well. The band was great (Kid James Trio) and as far as I could tell everybody had a great night. A very big thanks to all members who helped set up and pack up and also those who put in for the raffle. Our “Easter” raffle is always great and it was good to see a few Rockin” 50’s members get among the prizes. Thanks also to Gary, Marg, and Anne, for the special efforts they put in to put it all together. Also to anyone else I may have missed.

Dance classes will soon be on again. With the easing of restrictions we hopefully will be able to get enough on the dance floor to make them worthwhile. We were going to commence them on April the 7th, but the entire Bendigo Club was booked out on the following Wednesday, 14th, which would have meant either a week’s break for our learners or finding another venue for one night only. In light of that we decided to delay the start of classes until Wed 21st April. At least that’ll give us continuity for our first lot of classes. No social night on the 14th, so see you all on the 21st. It would be nice to see as many members as possible for the first lot of classes.

Coming up also is our Birthday Dance on May 29th. We have booked Slapback Jack and the Magic 8 Balls so it should be a good night. There may well be some covid restrictions on that night but we have not been informed of much as yet, except for the need to register on entry. Apparently this will be done by the halls own “Q” code so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. We ask that you bring your own supper (because of covid concerns), but we will probably supply some hot goodies shared around in a covid safe manner. The theme for the night is “Black and White”, so dress up and have a great night.

Cheers for Now, Les


juke15 March 2021

Greetings Fellow Rockin’ 50’s Members

Well, summer is gone and the year moves on. Autumn is now upon us, so we can expect the weather to deteriorate over the next few months. Before we know it at least a few of us nomads will be hitching up the vans and heading north into warmer country. At least we hope that to be the case. It’s been an unusual year weather wise and while we’ve had a pretty ordinary summer here, up north they’ve been experiencing the odd cyclone or three.

That said, we’ve got a few things to look forward to before we get too excited. First up, we have our first dance of the year happening on Sat 20th March, featuring the “Kid James Trio”. The covid limits of 90 people in the hall is still in force and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon. That of course means that we have already “sold out” as many members had tickets from our last dance which didn’t happen and opted to have a “credit” for this dance. Remember also that this is our “Easter” dance so we will still be running our Easter raffle, donations for which are still being accepted. If you can help in that regard that would be much appreciated. We will also of course be running our regular $100 dollar note raffle so don’t forget to be in it to win it!

Also coming up in the not too distant future is our club birthday dance on May 29th. We decided at our last meeting (Tuesday 3rd March) to try to secure “Slapback Jack & The Magic 8 Balls” and if so it should be a great night.

We also need to come up with a dress up theme for the night. We’ve had quite a few suggestions but have not as yet decided on which one to go with. By the time you read this we hope to have an answer and will announce it at our social nights and at our April meeting. It may seem like we are getting a bit toey, but we only have two more meetings before the event so we have to plan things pretty soon.

Wednesday nights will continue as social nights for club members until further notice, due to the Bendigo Club’s covid policy for the dance floor numbers. That is “10 only on the floor at any one time and masks must be worn.” We will notify members of any change as soon as we find out any different.

Finally, don’t forget that if you are home on a Saturday night and have nothing to do, you can tune in to “FRESH FM” 101.5 on the dial and hear great rock and roll and rockabilly from 6pm until 11pm. Requests are more than welcome. Just text us the song you would like to hear and we will play it. TEXT LINE number is 0429373744. That’s 0429 FRESHH. See details in this bulletin.

Cheers for now



flag wave_australia   February 2021

Greetings All

Welcome to 2021. Here’s hoping this year will be better than the one we’ve just endured. On the Covid scene, things seem to be heading in the right direction, although we’re not out of the woods just yet. We have another winter to endure and hopefully by then we will have seen at least part of the population vaccinated. We had our first general meeting on Tuesday 2nd of Feb and also a social night on Wednesday 3rd. The Bendigo Club has their own policy on Covid requirements, which at the time of writing were a little bit different to the general minimum requirements. However, since then there has been an outbreak in Melbourne and I believe the general policy on mask wearing has been tightened. This MAY mean that we have to wear a mask when we are indoors even if just sitting. We will endeavour to get more up to date info before our next social on Wednesday 10th Feb. We will keep you informed.

Moving on to better news, we are still planning for our Easter dance which is scheduled to happen on Saturday 20th March and features “Kid James”. It will be a great night so if you are planning to attend, please ensure that you get your tickets ASAP. At this stage there is a limit of 90 people. At this point in time tickets are only available to club members at the standard price. If we have not sold all tickets by 10th Feb, we will open them up to the public and the price to all will be $20, except for members who prepay before the dance date. Also, don’t forgot that this dance is our “Easter” dance as mentioned before so we will be having our easter raffle as per normal. If you could make a donation to the raffle it would be great as it does help us pay for our dance which this year will be light on numbers due to Covid restrictions.

Also coming up is the Cobram dance which is held on the Labour Day Weekend (March 6, 7 & 8). If you plan on going, make sure that you have secured your tickets and also check the availability of accommodation. All of the caravan sites prebooked by the club are taken.

Not a lot else to report on at this stage. We are looking for suggestions for a band for our birthday dance and also a dress theme. Current suggestions are, Magic 8 balls for the band and dress themes suggested are Bikies and Molls, Black Tie and Black and Blue. Any other ideas, please get them to the committee ASAP as we only have another 3 meetings before our dance. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

That’s all for now, please keep well and remember to obey all Covid rules regardless of how “silly” you think they may be. The health and well-being of our members and therefore our club must be our prime consideration.

Cheers, Les.


Santa in HotRod December 2020

Greetings Rockers,

Well 2020 will definitely go down as the year that wasn’t. No club activities to speak of and with the lockdowns no real chance to escape to warmer climes.

I suppose living in the rural areas meant most of us experienced more freedoms than our city counterparts so that was one small mercy. I certainly hope that everyone kept in touch with their friends during this unusual time. A few of us had the odd game of golf when the weather and COVID restrictions allowed and the occasional phone call to other members certainly helped keep in touch.

Being unable to cross borders certainly held us at bay but a few of us decided to do jump in the car, hitch the van up and visit a few Victorian destinations. The weather in most cases was typically Victorian (bloody cold) but it was good to get away at least for a short time. We tend to forget about some of the interesting places Victoria has to offer and it can be quite refreshing to visit some every once in a while.

Nothing much else to report so before I sign off I would like to take this opportunity to thank our committee for their work over the past year. There has been much happening behind the scenes. Phone calls between committee members, answering queries from members, organising bands and possible future events etc.! All committee members have played their part but I think special thanks should go to our secretary/ newsletter editor who has diligently got our newsletter out every month. So many thanks to Gary for that.

That said, I would like to wish all members a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Stay safe and keep in mind that although we are now in the warmer months and our COVID numbers are looking good, we are not completely out of the woods as yet.




juke15 November 2020

Greetings Rockers,

Well 2020 is drawing to a close and let’s hope that 2021 is better than this one has been. The weather is finally picking up and restrictions are easing, so hopefully we should be able to get back into the swing of things before too long. Let’s try to keep the mood positive and not do anything silly so we can keep the improvement going. I think it’s going to be quite a while before we get back to “normal” so let’s do as much as we can to at least get to a state of “Covid Normal”.

Having said that, now that at least the weather is looking up, a few members have been doing a few short trips around Victoria and by all accounts it has been quite refreshing. As we normally follow the sun and head to Queensland or some other far off northern oasis, we tend to forget what Victoria has to offer. Places like Bright, Tallangatta and others in the North East offer some beautiful scenery this time of year and are well worth visiting every now and again. Other places along the Mighty Murray that are worth considering are towns like Echuca, Swan Hill and Mildura. If the high country is your thing, Gippsland offers some beautiful scenery and interesting drives. Off course, being retired and liking caravanning helps somewhat. If you’re not retired, even short day or weekend trips can be a pleasant change. The painted silo trail gets larger by the day and I’m sure that the locals would be happy to see you.

Looking forward, we certainly hope that our March dance will go ahead and as a result we have booked “Kid James”. We were going to have him for our Xmas dance but that of course didn’t work out. Also coming up in the New Year is the Cobram dance which at this stage is still going ahead. If you wish to cement your place you can pay for your tickets now and secure your spot. Of course if it doesn’t happen all monies will be refunded.

I hope all is well with all members and will be looking forward to catching up as soon as things are sorted out. We may be able to have “larger” groups indoors in the coming months so dance classes are a possibility after Xmas. If it happens we will probably still have to don a mask when indoors, but that’s no real hassle. (In my case it is a big benefit to all concerned as I am much better looking with a mask on – It hides my face!)

Stay well and be happy,



Rock'n 50's Web Site Disc Info 037October 2020

Greetings Rockers,

Well, October’s here, daylight saving has arrived and the weather is on the improve.

Just a little ditty we used to recite when I was back in primary school (many years ago!)

It’s been a long and boring winter but I think we can all look forward now to better times (albeit ever so slowly). At least us folk in the country can move about regional Victoria now without too many hassles. I hope everyone has been doing all they can to keep amused during our extended lockdown. If you are lucky enough to be retired (or not working) it would be a nice time to visit some of Victoria’s small towns. Small trips like the Silo Trail, Checking out places like Inglewood, Castlemaine etc for retro gear or just going for a drive to small places you don’t normally go to and checking out the bakeries and coffee shops are all activities worth considering, especially before Melbournites get the go ahead, because after that you can bet there will be pandemonium on the roads.

You have obviously noticed that the newsletters of late have been a bit different. It gets a little difficult to fill the pages when no events have been happening, so we have been putting in a few jokes etc to try to brighten everyone’s days. Contributions from members are, of course, very welcome. Any jokes, ditties or anything funny or mysterious that’s happened to you or anyone you know would be welcome. Anything to make a bit of light entertaining reading would be great. Stay anonymous if you like. Email them to a committee member for inclusion in the newsletter and if you wish to remain anon, just say so.

Happy birthday to all who have had a birthday since last newsletter or have one coming up. Stay well everyone and keep happy. We’ll all catch up as soon as we can.

Cheers, Les


September 2020

Greetings Rockers,

Well Winter has finally come to an end. Hopefully we’ll be getting some warmer weather in the not too distant future and we might also be able to meet in small groups, if we can keep all the protesters at bay. I certainly hope everyone is keeping well and keeping in touch with fellow members. Face Time (or similar) is a good way of doing just that.

The Covid scourge is still upon us, so if you have any doubts, please get tested. Better to be safe than sorry.

[If you’re not aware there is a “do it yourself” test now available! It involves using a bottle of good whiskey, or if you like good Rum or Gin! Here’s what you do -:

Pour a measure of your selected beverage into a glass (I used 18 year old Glenfiddich Single Malt whiskey) then see if you can smell it. If you can, then drink it and, if you can taste it, it is reasonable to assume you are currently free of the virus. I tested myself nine times last night and came up virus free each time!! Thank Goodness! I will test myself again today because I have developed a rotten headache which can also be a symptom.]

On a more serious note, it certainly appears that no regular club events will be going ahead in 2020. However, if all goes well and the rules get relaxed, we could possibly organise a bike ride (in groups of four possibly or maybe a golf challenge (again in small groups as permitted). We could tally our results and forward a copy of results to a committee member who would then pass it on for inclusion in the newsletter. There may be other activities possible but it all depends on the lockdown restrictions. Maybe even a video chess challenge! I would have to forgo that because chess is not my forte. Last time I attempted chess (many years ago), I was checkmated in four moves!!!

That’s about it for now. Be safe and hopefully we’ll have better news next month.

Cheers, Les


Rock'n 50's Web Site Disc Info 037August 2020

Greetings Rockers,

Well, July is done and dusted, August is with us and hopefully the weather will start to improve from here on. It’s been a bit of a culture shock these past couple of months not being able to travel to warmer climes, but on the bright side the weather has not been real bad (so far).

I hope you are all keeping well and staying in touch with friends. A couple of us have enjoyed the odd game of golf and it was quite good catching up. The golf was quite interesting, as it was played under “COVID Conditions!” Gary, Bill, Noel and I have had the odd hit at Quarry Hill (I use the term ODD very loosely as we are not world beaters) and it was very pleasing to get out and about.

The COVID conditions I speak of were certainly different to say the least. As you probably are aware, Quarry Hill Golf Course is a sand scrape course which usually means scraping the “greens” before and after you putt. However with the COVID rules in place things are slightly different. No scraping required, no lifting the pin out of the hole to putt in, a maximum of four players per group and social distancing applies. However we all had fun and the golf was of the usually high standard that we have come to expect from our Rockin’ 50’s members!!

Travel plans are on hold as you are undoubtedly aware, and this means a little bit of boredom sneaks in from time to time. So much so with Julie and I that we packed up the van and headed to Echuca for a couple of days. Not a big trip, and we didn’t do much up there but it did break the boredom somewhat. I don’t like our chances of doing it again while these infection numbers keep going the way they are, so hopefully people will do the right thing and obey the rules.

Don’t forget that from midnight Sunday August 2nd, it is mandatory to wear a face mask if you venture outside. If you feel embarrassed, don’t worry, it’s better than being on a ventilator! After the First few times nobody will give you a second look. (Hopefully, they’ll all be doing the same!) Stay well and we’ll catch up next month! 

Cheers, Les