29th Birthday Dance, 2017

“Jump n Jive” getting into character for Halloween night!!
Bringing in the coffin ready for the next victim!
Gordon in full “swing”
Watch out for the hand going around your throat!!!


“Jump n Jive” all set for a great night of entertainment.
Welcome to my coffin!

Just when you think your safe…..
CROSS cut!
UPPER cut!!

Addams Family – Rockin’ 50s Style!
I wouldn’t be smiling – look at what’s coming up behind you!!!!

Who you gunna call – Ghostbusters!

Escaping the coffin!

The Halloween Gang

Anne Williams, Member of the year 2016/2017

Well done Anne. A big THANKYOU from all the members of Rockin’ 50’s for your significant contribution in the past 12 months and over many years!

Sue, presented with 20 year membership badge
Tracie and Darren, 15 years membership badge presentation with Member of Year, Anne
Jenny, 10 years membership badge presentation
Fantastic Halloween 29th Birthday Cake!
Slicing and dicing the cake
“Jump n Jive” completing another night of fantastic dance music and entertainment!